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Grantham Lodge

23rd August 2018

Phyllis Pownall:

Researching my ancestors and saw that some of them lived at Grantham Lodge in Battle in 1939. Their names are Claudia A Nicolai (Ormond) and Henry Hopkinson Ormond. Hoping to come to England to do research on my family. Any info you may have will be much appreciated.

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16th August 2018

Wynne Maguire:

I have found a Venice in my family tree, Katherine Venice born 1712 Brightling, she married Thomas Geer / Geere. Their daughter Mary married my gggg / grandfather John Plumley on 8/11/1779. Wynne Maguire

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Veness Family

16th July 2018

Rob Venus:

Hi Carole,

The story goes that Nicholas and his brothers Robert and Thomas rowed across in a little boat from Normandy and landed at Rye. They were Hugenots and fleeing persecution in France. So maybe there are still some records to be had in France if Hugenot records still exist.
I have Nicholas marrying Jane Wade (1562-1597), but two of Nicholas's children, Thomas and Henry seemed to have been born in 1600, after Jane's death. So, perhaps he married again to the Katherine you mentioned. I don't have a date of death for Nicholas, so he could have survived Jane by a few years.

Hope this helps,


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Veness Family

16th July 2018

Rob Venus:

Hi Heidi,

I think De Venoix became anglicised quite quickly after Nicholas and his brothers came to Rye.

Some of the descendants moved to the Deptford area of London with Isaac (1727-1803) around the 1760's and the name then to change to VENUS.

Which is my surname now!

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Veness Family History

11th July 2018

Richard Veness:

Hallo Mark – I’ve just come back to this web site after many years. I’m intrigued by your comment that have been in discussions with a direct descendant of Samuel VENESS and Sarah STONESTREET as I am also a direct descendant them via their son Thomas VENESS and Mary STONEHAM.
For the sake of clarity I’m Richard F. Veness

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Veness Family History

11th June 2018

Amanda Severn:


My father-in-law is the great grandson of Sophia Harriot Veniss who was born in Dallington in 1833, but later moved to Chailey where she married Harry Kemp Walls. Her parents were Joseph and Mary. Her father was born in Dallington in 1808. Your Veness stories are really interesting, and I think it's likely that our Sophia might be descended from Nicholas, but I have a lot of work to do to prove this!

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Veness Family History

11th June 2018

Patricia Genders:

Hi, I just found your message from a few years ago from Jenny Quinn. I am also a Veness decendant. My great grandfather was Solomon Huband Veness and he was a brother to Isaac Edward Veness. Their dad and mum were Frederick and Ann Veness. They were all born in Randwick in Lingard Street (the family home). My dad, Frank Keith Veness and his 4 brothers and 2 sisters were also born at that address. Would love to hear more. Regards, Tricia Genders (nee Veness). I live on the Gold Coast so it's not too far away from Brisband. Hope to hear from you.

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Tracing the Eldridge Family Tree

17th March 2018

Linda Overy:

I don't know if this site is still active but Mary Overy is my ancestor.


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Veness Genetics

29th December 2017

Mark Grace:

Having received assistance from this site, I would like to provide a definitive update on my VENESS research and make a request.

Having taken an atDNA test, we now have definitive genetic proof that the Birmingham VENESS families are all descendants of the children of Elizabeth VENESS of Worcester and one John BACON of Osbournby, Lincolnshire, masquerading as “John SMITH”. The proven genetic links are not only through Birmingham VENESS and two of the couple’s children known to have had issue, but also through John’s sister Jane, where there are at least 5 US descendants of different lines that have provided matches back to John & Jane’s parents in Lincolnshire. This closes this particular case.

The origins of Elizabeth’s father, Samuel VENESS (c1795) and living in Worcester remains unknown. Members of this site have been helpful in providing elimination information. Currently, we do not believe there is evidence of SSX origins for him, but possibly Kent. It is reasonably expected he has origins somewhere in the SE of England with this surname.

My request, since it is believed that Ancestry atDNA kits have been popular Christmas gifts, is that anyone testing with known VENESS connections in the SE share their results.

Rather than burden this excellent site with genetic discussions, please contact me on my research blog,

Ideally, if using Ancestry, I will need your Ancestry user name and would request data is uploaded (from Ancestry, FTDNA or other testing companies) to the GEDmatch database.

Many thanks for past and hopefully future assistance. I wish you all success research in 2018.

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Veness Family History

14th November 2017

Carole Venis:

Hello Richard,

Just to say I have tried emailing you but my email has been rejected as spam by your email server!

Perhaps if you try emailing me first my email might get through Ok?
It's [email protected]



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